OK so I got the weather wrong

Yep, we had a very cold night here (thank you Met Office) it turned out to be a heavy frost and down to -2C.

It seems pretty constant (above freezing) for the next five days so those swelling buds can continue … please.

When I work out the code I will get one of those weather widgets included on the site, jeez all this technology stuff, oh to be a bit younger.


2 thoughts on “OK so I got the weather wrong

  1. It is 10C now in Dublin 🙂 and was over 15C in sun today. Don’t get me the wrong way Mike but I hope the bad weather will stay away :-)))))

    • Hi Mario

      It was only supposed to be a blip, just that one 24 hour period so all being well, my swelling buds will continue to get to the stage of repotting maybe towards the end of next week. Mountain Maple is imminent and Deshojo maybe a a couple of weeks behind. Nothing on Larch, Hornbeam, Beech (they are always the last), Nagasaki’s are around another twenty-one days (ish) which leaves the Pines (which are swelling already, but maybe realistically 8 weeks off repotting yet, Junipers and Cypress could be four-six weeks.

      This of course is all down to that great big yellow thing in the sky making it all a bit warmer.

      Fifteen in the sun for you today???? Oh I wish. It’s been a lovely day from midday onwards but we would have struggled to get upwards of nine or ten in the sun.

      Take care


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