221 hits today. Thank you all.

Maybe the rain has meant we are all doing something inside today. Bonsai-Passion has just broken a daily record of 221 hits at 14.31 today of which I really thank you all.

As time goes by I have so much more to add to the site, many more case histories, a thorough care section that I need to start from scratch, it will include:

  • Repots and when to.
  • Soil types and % mix
  • Individual outdoor care guides
  • Wiring
  • Clip & Grow
  • Sources for material
  • Disease and bugs in general
  • Fertilizers (mostly organic)
  • Section on pots and sources recommended
  • Clubs and societies in the UK
  • Collecting Yamadori, why where what and how.
  • And some that I have been asked to include.

This is all going to take serious time. Hit the RSS feed or subscribe so as not to miss anything.




7 thoughts on “221 hits today. Thank you all.

    • Hi Tony, thank you for those kind words. The worst part is being disabled, I need help to lift the 250lb brutes now. I can see me going smaller over the next decade or two. Yep, 30 years sounds stirling to me. I’ll say hello in swindon if you are up there next week:-)

      Take care


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