Miniature Hosta’s

Ordered some miniature Hostas the other day from:

Bowden Miniature Hostas

I must say I’m delighted with the speed of delivery, and in particular – the condition of plants upon arrival was absolutely excellent. I shall update as soon as they are growing and I have something to show. In the meantime here is a small selection of miniature Hostas from what Bowden currently offer.



3 thoughts on “Miniature Hosta’s

  1. After giving a friend a hand repotting this year he split his collection of miniature hostas and gave me bag fulls to pot up. I’ve about 20 accent pots worth done and am waiting patiently for growth 🙂

    • Not too far to send by post Ian if you have spares. Hopefully I can split next year to make some more. I do hope they flower.


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