Shade temperature in my back garden this afternoon … 19 Celsius. I think my buddy Ian in Northern Ireland has blown the tropical weather my way. Thanks friend.

Of course plenty as always to do. I’d have been happy ‘bonsaing’ all day but my good lady needed help repotting Hosta’s and Astilb’s; still I pinched some of the cut of Astilb’s and have planted them up in small plastic pots.

I have no idea if they will take. If they do I figured I would try as an accent plant. Could be too tall, but maybe not. Time will tell. Did manage to get the Display House cleaned from top to bottom; Good old Jeyes fluid; tis all I can smell now.

Potted up some more accents so will get pictures on soon. Ahhhh bliss it is to be sure that great big yellowy orange thing shining away … and no wind to speak of either. No smutty replies to that thank you.

More of the same please!


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  1. Enjoy it… We are currently under 9″ of new snow here, after I just got my trees out of the garden last weekend. Winter is never letting go here in Pennsylvania!

  2. Welcome to the Tropics my friend šŸ™‚

    I just had a long and crappy day at work, sweating my nads off. That’s for the mention, it cheered me up.

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