Nagasaki Crab Apple in Full Flower

Still about a hundred or so to open, but I notice some petals are now dropping. We have been enjoying this in the Gazebo which only gets sun for a short while. When you open the doors each morning the smell of the flower is amazing.

A little person counted the flowers today, and give or take … just over 1,200 in total. As I said in an earlier post I always re-pot this one in late winter just as green is visible over the entire tree.


2 thoughts on “Nagasaki Crab Apple in Full Flower

    • Thank you Ian. Yes always. Everyone that does not hang down is removed and any that are too bunched or simply don’t look right. I keep the rest on for as long as I feel is right for the tree; which varies when health and temperatures/wind are taken into consideration.

      On re-potting year which indeed this one was in need of just a few weeks ago; I will reduce the crop down to around a quarter then when partially set remove them all. This frees up the tree to concentrate on roots, foliage and next year.


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