Why the feck do comment spammers think they have the right to inflict their absolute shite on every website that allows comments. Each and ever one must come from a totally brainless (rhymes with banker)!

Do me and millions of others a favour will you, and just F off!


7 thoughts on “Spammers!!!!

  1. Spammers are the bane of my life Mike.
    If its not the ones we get on the forum its the same problem you have here with wordpress.
    I have Akismet installed on both my wordpress hosted and my self hosted & its never failed me once.
    Try it, i am sure it will help your blood pressure 😉 i know it keeps mine stable


    • Thanks John

      I use Akismet and thus far it is very good. It is such a pain checking through every spam to ensure no genuine comments have been trapped.


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