2011 a sad one!

Well, since starting out in Bonsai I have had my most disastrous year ever for losses. The big Larch has given up for good, the Firethorn went the same way, one small Chinese Juniper, a Hinoki Cypress, and the largest tree in my Beech group has also gone for good.

On a positive note; my 180 year old JWP which really looked bad during the growing season of 2010 and into 2011 was in a terrible condition when I lifted it in late April of this current year. Normally I would only prune hard around 50% of the root mass on a JWP but circumstances dictated I needed a radical overhaul. Once out it was many many hours to be sure I got the dead roots cleared out. I’m delighted to say it has absolutely flourished since repot, and the future once again looks good for this tree.

Also a small JWP was on its last legs, but again a thorough repot did the business. Two Satsuki which were not looking good were both repotted prior to flowering. This is a technique which can bring this species back to optimum health although removal of most flowers is essential if going down this particular route. Safe to say both are doing very well indeed.

So with a past blasé attitude towards winter care, I have been given a sharp lesson in just what these small trees of our require during long severe freezing conditions. I sincerely hope your own losses have not been too severe. Let’s hope for a milder winter during this 2011 period and into early 2012.

I’ll get some images up when I am back on the Apple Mac.


3 thoughts on “2011 a sad one!

  1. It is chaps, thank goodness. Actually a lot of it was my own stupid fault. I left the repotting far too long since last I did it. Whilst larger Pines can be left longer in between, I took it to a daft period. I’ll put it down to when I had the back rebuilt with titanium and suchlike then the shoulder rebuild; speaking of which I’m off early 2012 for the right one to be done. Thankfully repotting next year will just be a handful instead of every single one. I’ll post later a shot from last year with this tree and the colour change through 2011. It is quite amazing.

  2. Damned shame Mike !
    Still, the 180yo JWP is 20 years older than my cottage, and it sounds like it’s in much better nick now.

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