Dwarf Astilbe?

Grrr, I’ve tried everything for the last five or six years to reduce down teh size of traditional Astilbe to get a smaller accent friendly version. I’ve failed miserably 😦

Anyone got a specific sub species dwarf recommendation?


4 thoughts on “Dwarf Astilbe?

  1. Mike,
    Astilbe Glabberima “Sprite”, but I can’t remember where I got it from.
    This variety will give you a nice sized accent or try the Alpine variety Astilbe pumila which is more commonly available in Garden Centres, it has a more clustered pink flower reminiscent of millet seed.
    You can always try Aruncus aethusfolius “Goatsbeard”. this has very fine feathery foliage with dainty white frothy flowers.
    No doubt the Jehan nurseries will have some for sale.
    If not look out for an Alpine Society show near you but be warned its obsessional!!!

    • Cheers Dave; very helpful. Funnily I was going to see what Alpine shows were up and coming and if, there was a club locally.

      Thanks Again


  2. will get back to you once I can find any sort of label for mine. They are about 2-3 inches high with the flower spike. I got them in Aberconwy Nursery in North Wales.

    • Fantastic. Yes please. I’ve looked in all nurseries local to me and nothing! They look at me a bit confused. Hope to hear soon 🙂



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