Still on the stand.

Well weather has been mild here, very little rain so I’ve been pottering along with the stand for the Swindon show. Anyway, as a follow on to the earlier post here are a couple in progress. Oh, and for the person who asked what adhesive I like for wood working I have included a shot of that too 🙂

As for tools, I work with what I have. My own personal favourite is my Makita chop-saw. I use also a Dewalt plunge rail system saw. A router, several cordless drills and impact drivers; SHARP … REALLY sharp chisels, plenty of clamps, they make second, third and fourth hands, sharp drills, a palm sander and a Metabo belt sander which I prefer to a plane. A selection of belts is really helpful. oh and a Makita power file. I’d like a table saw and definitely a pillar drill plus a scroll saw .. for now though I will make do.

I’m using Danish oil for this Oak stand, several coats in fact, and surprisingly one of the best in my humble opinion is one sold under the Wilkinson / Wilko brand name. Picture at the end . It’ll be sand oil, nip, oil, nip, oil. Increasing grit to around 1000 grit for final coat. I’ve used 2500 grit paper in the past but 1000 is fine here.

Please remember I am simply a DIY’er; not a craftsman or joiner etc. It is taking me ages as I’m fitting it in around my health and darned Hospital visits. I’m thinking of applying for a season ticket 🙂 I’ll update when I make a start on the supports underneath. As it is, they should be similar to my drawing from the earlier post.

Stand profile Stand part 2a Stand part 2 Stand adhesives

Oiled finish comparison Oiled finish Wilko Danish Oil