Some Accents

I like to use my wee pots, and some are really quite tiny. This year I have been using quite a few Sempervivums (Houseleeks) that I started off with a few years ago and removed many of the smaller side plants (Jack n Jills).

I’ve actually been struggling a bit getting the soil mix right for succulent based plants but I may now have cracked it.

Anyway, here are a few of them this morning.

First is an ERIN pot with just one Semper that has done very well indeed. Just a single plant when potted up.AC1

I actually intended to show a new pot that arrived yesterday from Vic at ERIN. I wanted some simple but interesting lines with sufficient width and depth for a project and I am really pleased. 9cm x 7.8 deep.


I had this tall pot left over from a cascade project that sadly passed on. I’m seeing if I can get this gorgeous alpine to roll down the sides. I like the use of different sized pots it seems to make it all the more interesting.


This then a Dan Barton pot that I have started off a general succulent range of plantings. Not sure how it will pan out, but they were all growing here at home.


This is a Tony Remington pot (the glaze being a give-away clue) and houses an Echeveria that is still flowering. This being its eighth week of flowers.


Back to a tiny pot that I added to my collection last year. ERIN once again. 4.8cm wide and 5 deep.


One of my favourite John Pitt pots. This was so small when I planted it up; I’m pleased.


And finally not a plant this time but the only small rock that I own. Stands just 7cm high x 9 wide and 6 deep. I made the small base out of a hardwood door threshold end. Using a thin blade on my cordless jigsaw without pendulum action I just got away with the tight curves which match the rock base. A little too thick but hey ho I’m no purist.



Enough then for today. I will put some more up tomorrow. I use a Canon 500 fitted with my favourite everyday lens the 55-250. Custom white balance ISO 200 mostly, 5.6f. Hand held no tripod.


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