All in the balance

Great to see John settling in well!

John Milton Bonsai

Over the last two weeks since my return here we have been mainly candle cutting the Black pines and more recently the medium sized tree’s (also pulling needles, if still needed). We start candle cutting earlier here because there are so many black pines to get through. Smaller tree’s are done later so they have less time to grow and the needle length stays shorter.

I’m not going to go into great depth on what we do here because I have briefly gone into it before and Peter Tea has talked about in in greater detail on his blog.
As a reminder we pull needles down to five pair’s per shoot and cut all buds weak, medium and strong all at once.
There are occasional exceptions to this. For example if there is a weak branch we might leave the very weakest of buds or even leave the branch alone…

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