Old Teapot Stand!

I had this old stand which was completely square and chamfered to the four edges. I wanted to see if I could create an edge that might look like bark but not use two part filler. I used a selection of wee bits in my Dremel and used some stain on the top edges and indeed randomly done, to again look like bark; or that was the plan.

Unfortunately like a muppet I forgot to include an image of what is was like. Anyway a series follow of ‘after carving’ and ‘after staining’ and treating with several coats of Liberon. Machine polished to ‘cure’ the finish which makes it extremely hard and durable as well as rather shiny and indeed fully waterproof. The finish on the bark is not quite right so need to play further.

This in NO WAY comes even close to more skilled people such as JB Stands. It is just a play about to see what I could make for myself. I think it is Oak, smells and behaves like Oak but the colour has me baffled unless there is such a thing as ‘spalted oak.’

Slab 1

Slab 2

Slab 3

Slab 4

The following are after staining the edges and several coats of Liberon on the surface. Finally nipped with 2500 grit.

Slab 5

Slab 6

Slab 7

Slice with plant