Deshi Life

John Milton Bonsai

From my experience back home there is quite a romantic view of apprentice/deshi life in Japan. I’m sure this is true but, as I was told by my Sempai, it comes more after your apprenticeship. The reality is that it is hard work and you are completely at the mercy of your Oyakata. Obviously you have a choice whether you are here but, that is about your only choice. You have to do as your told, shower when your told, have days off when your told (with the Japanese work ethic, that’s not often) and your actions are accountable to your Oyakata so, even on your days off, he should know what your up to (to a certain degree). Basically giving up your freedom and doing your time, eating rice for up to 5 years.
There are many trials & tribulations and certainly not all you do will be working…

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