Free time

John Milton Bonsai

It’s amazing what a day off can get you into..

I had a day off the other day and I thought I’d take a closer look at a medium/chuhin sized Itoigawa Shimpaku/juniper that Oyakata had bought a while back at an auction. Oyakata had taken it with him to a customers house to try to sell but, came back with the tree so, I assumed that the customer didn’t buy it (I should remember that assumption is the mother of all **** up’s).
Oyakata came in as I was admiring the tree and I explained I was just having a closer look and expressed that I liked it. He then told me that it was a customers tree (that solved that). There was a little inside dieback and I was just cleaning it out a little, He then told me to clean it up tomorrow, cut back, remove the dieback…

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