Bonsai for Sale

Thank you for your comments; all appreciated. To answer some of the questions, I have listed the prices for the trees on another page. I have yet to work out prices for tools, stands etc but I will.

I’ve very quickly taken some photographs of the trees. I don’t have a plain background here unfortunately. Always the best way is to view if you can. You will not be disappointed.

Sizes of each tree. CM to Inches as close as I can be.

Siberian Elm.  SOLD

Korean Hornbeam.  SOLD

Nagasaki Crab Apple. SOLD

Stumpy. (Maple) Height: 21″ / 53cm Width: 21.6″ / 55cm Depth: 19.6″ / 49cm Available

Mountain Maple: Height: 18.6″ / 47cm Width: 20″ / 51cm Depth: 16.6″ / 43cm Available

Procumbens Juniper: Height: 17″ / 44cm Width: 26″ / 66cm Depth: 20.6″ / 52cm Available

You can contact me directly from the blog.

Mountain Maple for sale Procumbens for sale Stumpy for sale


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  2. Beautiful trees, shame you need to let them go. I know it was hard to make that decision as I had to let my trees go too, due to relocation though. You should keep one, smallest one, to have something to play with, for the rainy days. All the best. Mario

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