Paul Goff RIP.

I’m sure you may already know; but, one of my last posts here on Bonsai- Passion is an extremely sad one.

Paul Goff, a star within the Bonsai community has sadly passed away.

I first came across Paul when he joined Harry Tomlinson creating the year book. A book I very much enjoyed. In latter years i would nod at Paul mostly during the Swindon Winter image shows. His wonderful flowing locks always astounded me; just how did someone have such wonderful hair that many a lady would have killed to have:)

His scrolls were at first to me rather nonsensical. Over a couple of decades I came to realise their importance; and I have nothing short of admiration and respect for them. They MOST definitely have a very important place in Bonsai-Display.

It must have been such a shock to the family; I have nothing other than respect and kind thoughts for the entire family at this most sad sad time.



Keeping The Blog Alive?

Well, I now only have the Procumbens, Stumpy and the Mountain Maple left; all other trees and ‘stuff’ have gone to new custodians. With respect to the remaining trees, I may well use ebay with 99p starts to pass the remaining trees on. No idea what they will make but will be nice to think someone will enjoy them.

As for the wee blog here, I doubt really that I will have much to say about bonsai other than snippets that might come to mind. As age and health take their toll, it was a difficult decision to make but I’m really glad that I did. I feel almost relieved.

I may as well leave the blog live as it might be helpful to anyone becoming interested in Bonsai. There is no cost so i’m quite happy to leave it live. I’m coming up to half a million hits since I started it off, so that is well good for sure.

As for the three remaining trees … I’m taking £100 off each tree for a limited time. The Procumbens is now £750. Stumpy £450 and the Mountain Maple £400. Or, £1,500 for all three. All are in wonderful health and come with my personal guarantee that as long as you water and generally look after them they will last you a lifetime.

Just Wanted To Say ….

Thank you to everyone for all the emails and kind messages. Oh and my biggest single daily hits since I began this ol blog.

So for now I still have two solid granite lanterns for sale, tool caddy with numerous S/Steel and other tools. A Luvverly Buddah, and a rock formation, hard to explain so I’ll take a pic.

The caddy with several stainless scissors, wire cutters (recent purchase £80) and new wire in cellophane plus existing.

Three stands, a solid cherry, solid walnut, solid oak and a large slice that I will give away.

All must go.

Bonsai for Sale

Thank you for your comments; all appreciated. To answer some of the questions, I have listed the prices for the trees on another page. I have yet to work out prices for tools, stands etc but I will.

I’ve very quickly taken some photographs of the trees. I don’t have a plain background here unfortunately. Always the best way is to view if you can. You will not be disappointed.

Sizes of each tree. CM to Inches as close as I can be.

Siberian Elm.  SOLD

Korean Hornbeam.  SOLD

Nagasaki Crab Apple. SOLD

Stumpy. (Maple) Height: 21″ / 53cm Width: 21.6″ / 55cm Depth: 19.6″ / 49cm Available

Mountain Maple: Height: 18.6″ / 47cm Width: 20″ / 51cm Depth: 16.6″ / 43cm Available

Procumbens Juniper: Height: 17″ / 44cm Width: 26″ / 66cm Depth: 20.6″ / 52cm Available

You can contact me directly from the blog.

Mountain Maple for sale Procumbens for sale Stumpy for sale